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– Snapchat Is Now A Tool For Your Business… Wait… What Is Snapchat?!

"I'm finally fluent in Facebook, I have a fair understanding of Twitter, Instagram is new but easy for me to use, but now you're telling me that there's ANOTHER social tool for my business??"    Yep.  Buckle up.   The first part of understanding how this new Social Service helps your business is to understand what exactly it is.  Snapchat is [...]

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– Earn $100 When You Refer Clients To Us!

You're not misreading this. We all have friends, family, co-workers and fellow business owners who are in need of some graphic and print services. At Green Media, we're rewarding you when you refer us new clients.  It's that simple!  When you share our referral post with people you know and one of them registers for monthly service with [...]

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– Why Your Facebook Page Is Failing Hard Right Now

We're all in the same boat, right?  You've spent hours upon hours setting up, tweaking, tinkering with and trying create the perfect Facebook business page only to discover that your posts have gone from this (exhibit a)  to that (exhibit b). Exhibit A, Your Honor Exhibit B, Oh No!   I'm not going [...]

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