– Why Your Facebook Page Is Failing Hard Right Now

We’re all in the same boat, right?  You’ve spent hours upon hours setting up, tweaking, tinkering with and trying create the perfect Facebook business page only to discover that your posts have gone from this (exhibit a)  to that (exhibit b).

What Facebook Is Now

Exhibit A, Your Honor

What Facebook Used To Be

Exhibit B, Oh No!


I’m not going to sugar coat my feelings, I was utterly irritated!  Why would Facebook take all of my hard work and seemingly flush it down the drain?!  There must be some sort of mistake, a wrong button clicked or even a glitch with the almighty Facebook Computers.

 No.  Unfortunately all of our Facebook page owners are wrong here.  There is, and has been, a change in the way that Facebook users see and interact with their news feed.  Translation?  It’s becoming harder for you to reach your demographic without spending money.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill seems to sum up the exact method for Facebook.  The constant evolution of this growing company can sometimes be daunting to the average user, confusing to understand and flat out ridiculous to some.  Ridiculous or not, to stay relevant online you have to adapt.  Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has been asked about this ever changing news feed.  He has told us countless times that he is on a bit of a quest to develop an individualized news feed for each and every subscriber.  What does this break down to?  What’s your bottom line as a business owner and/or page manager?  Let’s take a little peek into some of the changes.


1.  More Terrible & Terribly Funny Video

This includes ads, too!  As you scroll on your phone, on your laptop, desktop and tablet, there is no doubt that you’ve seen an increase in video display.  Why is that?  2014 has seen marketing take a decisively drastic new approach… YouTube.  Well, not all YouTube, but definitely a significant amount of new video coming from the giant.  Advertising giants know what sells and they definitely know how to capture your attention.  Kitties and Puppies are flooding your Facebook wall along with people falling, celebrities and pranksters.  Believe it or not, 65 – 75% of these videos belong to advertisers.  Should your business head in this direction?  Maybe, but that depends on your type of company, market and demographic.  (Side Note, we can help you determine the best method for your business.  visit us online to learn more)

kitties and puppies

2. Pictures Of Kitties, Puppies, People & Sunsets

Photos are a major new push for the online world.  With newer technologies in digital cameras coming out, along with your ever evolving smart phone, you’re seeing an influx of photos all over your news feed.  “Great!”, you’re thinking…

“This is perfect for my business.  We post pictures all the time and we won’t have any problems.”

Not so fast.  As of November 2014, Facebook has started a new campaign to control your Promotional Posts.  This new category of business posting includes items that you’re using to lure customers into your establishment while begging for their business.  These also include all of your Act, Buy or Shop Now posts.

3. What’s Trending?  Not Us, Apparently!

facebook-trending-topicsTrending news stories, hot topics and articles that have your Facebook friends buzzing are now going to appear higher on your news feed.  What does this have to do with your business?  EVERYTHING!

Being active with what’s trending means that your business is involved in the conversation.  Consumers and subscribers like to be engaged and love to be heard.  Being active with trending topics can be an excellent way to stay relevant.  Lets give you an example:

Dancing With The Stars, a highly rated television program, has become a Monday night staple for posts and hash tags.  If you own a business that is geared towards Dance, you can easily hop onto the DWTS media train by incorporating their hash tag into your post?

 “#DWTSFinale was amazing and featured some amazing young dancers.  Don’t miss our dancers this Saturday at the winter dance-off!”

Now you’re engaged.  The most important reason to pay attention to trending topics and current events all has to do with placement.  Trending topics take priority over all other content on social media.  English?  If you’re not trending with the trending topic, you’re not noticed at all.

facebook ads

These are just a few of the major changes continuously happening at Facebook.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is that Facebook is a business.  They are a for profit company.  They have done what all of us do.  They lured a potential customer (us) into their business, put on the glitz and glamour so we would stick around, offered us a free trial (2005-2012) and now they’re asking us to join their club and pay.  Yes, they want businesses to post and be involved, but they don’t want to miss out on advertising opportunities.  The ultimate goal is for you, the business consumer, to invest money into your success.  Investing money into your own success via boosted posting (we’ll cover that topic soon) and advertising (pay per click) means that you’re investing into their own success.  No, you’re not required to pay, but it sure does make a difference.  Just consider these social networks the new Newspaper / Magazines of the world.  Ads and visibility costs businesses money and Facebook is no different.

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