– Snapchat Is Now A Tool For Your Business… Wait… What Is Snapchat?!

“I’m finally fluent in Facebook, I have a fair understanding of Twitter, Instagram is new but easy for me to use, but now you’re telling me that there’s ANOTHER social tool for my business??”


 Yep.  Buckle up.


The first part of understanding how this new Social Service helps your business is to understand what exactly it is.  Snapchat is a Smartphone application that allows users to send photos or short videos to another user.  With Snapchat, however, these images disappear after viewing them  –  usually within a few seconds.  For most people, it’s the immediate disclosure of information to one another without threatening embarrassment or risk of public viewing.  That’s all great, but how can this be used for your business?

In today’s market, everything is considered a potential marketing tool for your business.  Smart business owners (hopefully including you) find ways to utilize these services for their advantage.  Your competition definitely will.

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time focusing on the tools that you already have under your fingertips.  Social Marketing is a constant evolution.  It is a continuous evolution of new and exciting products.  Snapchat is part of this evolution.  More importantly, it’s where the customers are!

How McDonald's has utilized Snapchat to reveal new products to consumers.

How McDonald’s has utilized Snapchat to reveal new products to consumers.

So we’ve reached the point of acceptance.  New is not bad.  But how do you build your brand on a medium that is anything but lasting?

2015 is ushering in a new approach to the marketing plan.  Millennials  are the ultimate catch for marketing now.  What comes with this new generation is a different focus… A focus on a softer approach.  What does this mean?  For the past 20 years of brand development you have seen major corporations and small business owners focusing on a repetition of the brand, constant imagery and a more dominant approach to advertising.  Millenials have introduced a more humorour, authentic approach to capturing attention.

Behind the scenes clips, humanizing business figures and quirky shots inside your business have proven, recently, to be a huge success for marketers.  Extending exclusive coupons and announcements with loyal followers, introducing new products and sneak peeks of what you have upcoming in the pipeline both work well with this digital generation.

You may find it hard to believe that this new service can be beneficial to your business. You may think that you won’t actually receive any boost in marketable value from it or that it just isn’t even worth the time, and you may be right.  Both are conclusions that are acceptable.

But you are definitely missing a big boat of brand awareness opportunities if you didn’t at least consider it for business purposes.

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